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The German Money

by Lev Raphael
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Three siblings come together when their cold, unemotional mother dies. They have each been left an inheritance, but the distribution is far from even. One son, Paul has been left the German money, $1 million of German reparation money, a gift as cynical as it is generous. As the siblings quarrel over the money, racked with guilt for abandoning their Alzheimer-riddled father in his nursing home, Paul becomes increasingly suspicious about his mother?s sudden death and decides to investigate. Lev Raphael has written a novel in which the problems of a contemporary Jewish family find their roots in the unspeakable secrets of Holocaust survivors.

Mauthausen concentration camp during World War II. With the exception of his wife, all his immediate family were exterminated, and he himself ended the war a living skeleton. Since then, he has achieved international reknown for his tireless and successful tracking down of Nazi war criminals, including notorious figures such as Eichmann, the 'desk murderer' who masterminded Hitler's Final Solution; Stangl the overlord of Treblinka; and the Mengele of Auschwitz, the dreaded 'Angel of Death'. To this day his work continues, his motivation simply expressed in the words: 'Justice, not vengeance'. This work provides an account of Wiesenthal's inspired detective work.
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